One Interesting Lesson to Learn From Johnny Depp

One Interesting Lesson to Learn From Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp
Each and every one in this world wants to pursue success. They chase towards it . But everyone fears to accept the failure. If we accept the failure then we can achieve by learning how we failed. There is a interesting person who reach success through his several failure in life.

People favourite johnny Depp (cap. Jack Sparrow) who spend half of his life in prison. He was a cool guy. Johnny Depp was a musician in school days a guitarist. When he was 12 started to play in various bands. When he was 15 his parents got divorced and he dropped music. But after a week through his principal advice started to continue music practice . After getting married to a singer Lori anne Allison on 1983. Lori anne introduced dep to Actor Nicolas cage the person who advised Dep to become a actor. Johnny Depp first film role was a horror movie A Nightmare on Elm Street in 1984.For some personal reasons Dep and Anne got divorced on 1985. Depp got a lead role in skating drama Thrashing 1986 by the film director but the decision was changed by producer. 
After that Depp got minor supporting roles only . Then he decided to appear only in flims which he felt right for him. Through his hardworking effort a got a title character in Tim Burton's flim.

Depps first flim release in 1990 was john Waters Cry Baby a musical comedy but was not in box office success while it was initial release after years it got classic status. In 1993 Arizona dream which opened positive reviews for Depp. Through his magnificent work 1994 acted in a title role for the movie Ed wood in which his character speaks his effort and nominated for Golden Globe Award for Best Actor. After several years of hard work he got a chance to act in Walt Disney Pictures Adventures flim Pirates of Caribbean in 2003 which was a major box office success. He earned widespread reach and got famous for his role as JACK SPARROW. To claim that reach Depp has suffered and learned a lot through his failures. So don't lose the hope even when u get failed. Keep Learning one day everyone can achieve....

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