Best Tea to try out  as monsoon delight

Best Tea to try out as monsoon delight

Monsoon is the most beautiful season, and so is the Tea for rainy season. A refreshing cup of tea can surely make all the difference to lighten up the mood or bring about a sense of calm. Morning, Afternoon or Evening and at times even Nights – having a cup of tea with a fun filled conversation, this is a scene almost every Indian is familiar with. There is something almost magical about the simple dark coloured drink that seems to capture the taste buds of us .

India produces up to 1-billion kilograms of tea annually. This makes India the top tea producer on the planet and the fourth largest tea exporter. Kenya, China and Sri Lanka are the top three. Tea is such a massive commodity in India that a board had to be formed to handle all aspects. There are several health benefits that can be attributed to the consumption of Indian tea. There are five specific varieties that feature compounds in the tea leaves that are reported to be good for your overall health. There are over 14,000 tea estates in operation over 15 different Indian states.

Masala Chai


This aromatic and flavourful beverage originated in India but is now popular in snack houses across the world. It is brewed in milk with natural spices and herbs such as ginger, cardamom, cloves, holy basil and cinnamon.  It acts as a fuel to kick start one’s day. There are now numerous larger food chains serving "Masala Chai" along with light snacks and are flourishing within office and college campus premises

Lemon tea


Lemon tea a tangy and soothing hot drink. Lemon tea is inherently a treasure trove of nutrition . The antioxidants in lemon extracts can efficiently relieve congestion in the chest as well, aiding in a speedy recovery from infectious ailments, particularly in monsoons.

Nilgiri Tea


Nilgiri tea is famous around the world for its amazing flavor. The strong, but smooth flavor spread its charm over the tea lovers. The rich and delicious tea can make your morning vibrant and full of energy to kick-start your day. It reminds you of the greenery of tea gardens .Nilgiri tea can also help you with your oral health during monsoon. Nilgiri tea fights in infection and protects from various diseases including arthritis, heart diseases and diabetes. 

Tandoori Chai


Tandoori chai, the hottest brew in town, attractive in form and presentation. Made by placing an earthen cup with chai in a glowing hot tandoor, till it acquires a smoky taste. The smokiness gives it the real essence. It is nothing but a special combination of half-brewed tea with a mixture of aromatic spices. The thickness of the tea with less milk is a major factor that gives it the unique flavour. It is popular with youngsters.

Green tea


Green tea is so delicate has many distinct flavors- Sweetness, Saltiness, Sourness, Bitterness and savoriness and  thousands of variations in aroma. Green tea is generally known to have lower caffeine content per cup than black tea and much lower caffeine content than coffee. Green tea is widely available packed in tea bags. One has to just dip, sip and go!

Kulhad Tea


While making kulhad chai,when you pour hot tea into a kulhad. A bit of the tea soaks into the clay and the two flavours intermingle. This is what creates the earthy flavour everyone loves. The same phenomena can be observed when drinking water that has been stored in earthen pots – the water acquires a distinct taste from coming in contact with the clay.

Darjeeling Tea 


The unique flavour of Darjeeling comes from its bushes and its intricate harvesting and processing.It is globally acclaimed as “The Champagne of Teas”. The aroma and taste of Darjeeling Tea are unparalleled in the world. Tea from Darjeeling has been savoured by connoisseurs all over the world. The flavor of black tea and it is known to be one of the most complex black teas the world produces.

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